I often get asked what tools I use to create blog articles, graphics, and post so many items each day. I have put together the list of those tools and products I use , so you can choose what will work for you. Some of the links are my affiliate links and others do not offer affiliate programs. Feel free to grab any or all of these for your own use.

Advertising Tools – this tool is absolutely amazing but it is pricey at first glance. The tool will take your Facebook ads to the next level and the amount of interaction and training you get with the tool is outstanding! I highly recommend it, even if you are just starting out with FaceBook ads. Tell them I sent you and you will get the red carpet treatment!

Social Media Tools – this is probably my most important tool. It is a place where I can post to Pinterest, schedule and plan posts to both Facebook and Twitter. I have been able to preschedule my own posts plus use the suggestions offered within the application. This way i can have everything in order for weeks ahead of time and then take that needed vacation without losing the ability to keep up wit my posts. – I truly believe in building your following every day and this free tool has enabled my ability to get rid of unfollowers, non-follow backs, and inactive accounts. I have gone from 1,000 followers to over 20,000 within a few months just by using their tool. This is not the only tool I use but it one I truly rely on. – this tool has enabled me to automatically send a message to those that follow me. I want people to visit my website, like my Facebook fan page, and follow my calls to action. This tool has a free version (the one I use) and they also have a paid version.

Graphic Tools – this is a wonder tool for sure. I use this one every day when I post my articles to BlastingNews! There is nothing like taking a regular image and beef it up to fit the formats for all kinds of social media.

Photoshop – Adobe has captured the market when it comes to manipulating photos and images. This is a costly endeavor but I use it almost daily when I want to remove artifacts from images and add my own embellishments.

Video Editing and Capturing

Camtasia Studio – this software allows me to add a banner in the lower third of my screen. This way i can do a Blab, Periscope of Facebook Live session and have a banner at the bottom of the screen.

Pinnacle Studio – I have used this to make animated videos as intros to demos and more. I love this software and the price is acceptable for most people.

Places to Get Additional Training – here you will pay for each course you take – many are between $20 and $50. Most have good content. – This is a monthly payment plan but you get unlimited access to all the training they provide. To me, this is the best deal ever. I learn a great deal from all the course developers on this site.

Image Sources – a free image site. An amazing array of photos you can use. – a free image site. Has some really great photos you can use. – I pay an annual fee for this site, however, I have more that recouped my costs. I use this to get ideas for images I need for all my writing needs. – I have found quite a few relevant images on this site. The images are beautiful!

Video Clips – you pay an annual fee and a fee for each clip. I have used several but could probably use a lot more! – i like animated gifs but do not use many. This site provides you with what you need to get started.

Audio and Video Equipment

What I currently use:

Blue Yeti Microphone. There a hundreds of microphones on the market but I find that the Blue Yeti gives me better clarity and it is directional so I can eliminate background noise with ease.

Logitech 1080i webcam. Really great images and it has an audio portion that I love

What I used in the Past:

Starting out I was not sure what would work so I started with a camera on a Tripod. I used a Nikon p280 but I found the sound was terrible. I then added sound capture separately and then had to sync everything together. What a pain that was. It does work and so does using a SmartPhone to do the recording, it just depends on the sound quality.